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Patented lta technology


Bygen envisions a world where crucial advanced materials are made in a way that also benefits the environment.

Bygen’s patented low-temperature activation (LTA) technology produces exceptionally performing activated carbon at low temperatures. It uses a proprietary blend of gases that eliminates the need for energy input from fossil fuels, dramatically reducing the product's carbon footprint.

Conventional carbon production processes require a two-step method that includes heating non-renewable materials to high temperatures, followed by either high-temperature steam or strong acids and bases. These processes and materials create large carbon footprints and are environmentally degrading.


Renewable and sustainably sourced materials are the basis of Bygen’s activated carbon products. Materials include nut shells, wood, and husk.

Carbon credits


Our technology allows us to sequester CO₂ in our production process. For every kilogram of activated carbon we produce, we directly sequester about 2 kilograms of CO₂ emissions. This enables us to claim carbon credits for our production sites, helping to diversify revenue streams.

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