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Activated carbon


Activated carbon is an excellent medium for purifying liquids and gases due to its exceptionally large internal surface area. Just one teaspoon of activated carbon has over 800 square meters of surface area, equivalent to the size of a football field!

Its internal porosity enables molecules to securely attach to the surface either through physical or chemical means, a process known as 'adsorption.' As a result, activated carbon is highly effective in treating liquids and gases. Demand for activated carbon in these applications is soaring, with an estimated annual usage of 4 million tonnes.




At Bygen, we specialize in producing and assessing high-quality activated carbon made from agricultural and forestry by-products. Our in-house capabilities allow us to conduct comprehensive technical assessments to explore the potential of using different raw materials for producing activated carbon and other valuable products. Our expertise covers a wide range of materials, ensuring a flexible approach to creating sustainable solutions. Our testing capacity includes:

Surface area measurement (BET, Hg porosimetry, iodine number)
Methylene blue and methylene red adsorptioN

Pore-size distribution

Ultimate (C, H, N, S, O) and proximate analysis (Fixed C, ash, moisture, volatile)

Various kinetic and other adsorption performance 
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