Tailored and Sustainable Activated Carbon Production


Bygen is an Adelaide-based company that is commercialising new technology, developed at the University of Adelaide, that allows for the conversion of waste products into high-quality activated carbon. Our technology allows us to produce tailored and sustainable activated carbon at a fraction of the traditional manufacturing cost due to our lower production temperatures, while at the same time opening up the potential for carbon-credits due to our carbon-negative production method. Our products have industry-leading internal surface areas and other quality indicators, opening up improvements in both performance for existing users of activated carbon, as well as facilitating new and exciting applications.

Biomass Value-Adding

Bygen offers a method for agricultural producers to add significant value to wastes and by-products that currently have little or no value. These wastes often present expensive and challenging disposal problems, and traditionally there have been few options available for adding value to these materials.

Sustainable Production

Due to our use of renewable wastes as feedstocks, as well as our significantly reduced energy requirements, our process creates greater sustainability in the activated carbon industry, as well as opening up the potential for carbon-credits for end-users.

High-Value Product

The activated carbon produced by Bygen in our novel low-cost process can fit into the existing global market. This market is currently valued at around $10BN and is growing rapidly. Our product can be used for PFAS remediation, water purification, cosmetics, and many other applications.




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