If you are wishing to investigate the potential for the conversion of a waste stream into activated carbon and/or other value-added products, we have the necessary in-house and external technical and commercial capabilities to help provide:

  • Detailed engineering design.

  • Plant design and layout.

  • Electrical and gas requirements.

  • Techno-economic feasibility study.

  • Plant quotation.

  • Site and civil works estimate.

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We have the in-house capabilities to produce and examine the quality of activated carbon produced from agricultural wastes. We can provide a range of technical assessments to investigate the possibility of utilising various raw materials into activated carbon and other value-added products. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Surface area measurement (BET, Hg porosimetry, iodine number).

  • Pore-size distribution.

  • Ultimate (C, H, N, S, O) and proximate analysis (Fixed C, ash, moisture, volatile).

  • Various kinetic and other adsorption performance.