Activated carbon is a material that has been processed to contain extremely high internal surface areas (> 1000 m2/g). Due to this high surface area, it is excellent at removing impurities from liquid and gas streams as materials become bound to the inside of the carbon surface, immobilising them.

The global activated carbon market is currently valued at around $10BN and is growing at almost 10% per year. The uses for activated carbon are diverse, and growing in number. Some of the most common markets include:

  • Precious metal recovery (inc. gold).

  • Water purification (inc. chlorine and organic materials).

  • Soil remediation (inc. PFAS, heavy metals, and other hydrocarbons).

  • Cosmetics.

  • Flue gas adsorption (inc. sulphur scrubbing, odours, and mercury).

  • Decaffeination.